A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all who trialled for our Junior Phantoms rep teams. If you take a chance, you are a winner!  So big CONGRATS whether you were selected or not.

Those selected are listed below. Shadows are more than welcome to attend trainings. Please contact your coach/manager for training details.


Oasis Huendes, Eadie Payne, Payton Garvey, Claire Vogelaar, Melijah Freaney, Molly Stewart, Lula Patu, Coco Butcher, Ebony Cottee, Lily Nixon, Annabelle Gibson, Astrid Cooper, Tyiara Simon, Sage Laird, Grace Lloyd-Stephen, Katelyn Hoare.

Shadow Players  –  Alyssa Hokin, Molly Pesata, Maddison Horve,

Coach  –  Lachlan Payne     0421 699896       Ass Coach  –  Ben Stewart                    Manager  –  Victoria Stewart     0437 277709


Max Laird, Loui Allen, Coby Rogers, Owen Emmett, Harry Tink, Ellis Mevdehl, Ezekiel Macguire, Archie Shelley, Nash Duncan, Kayden Thompson, Aiden Young, Ziggy Scobie, Zedd White, Jacob Puckeridge, Xander Ross, Luke Pollard

Shadow Players  –  Ben Atkinson, Ted Johnson

Coach  –  Marc Laird  –  0421 705954

Manager  –  Tennille Shelley  –  0408164278


Matilda Munro, Amy Eldridge, Emma Trudgett, Ryen Green, Isabelle Hourigan, Neve Woodstone, Kayla Sheridan, Maeve Pearce, Ivy Rogers, Sienna Smith, Jade Wright, Georgia Nelson, Ruby Gunning, Lily Martin, Erin Chisholm, Elle Meddows.

Coach  –  Jade Lees  –  0498201923


Henry Mortimer, Will Brown, Reed Palmer, Cameron Farmer, Nate Welsh, George Kalajzich, Mason Andrews, Dax Cairncross, Levi Hillcoat, Harrison Smee, Ronnie Murphy, Lucas Mak, Tristan Hughes, Max Allen, Lincoln Moore.

Coach  –  Mark Andrews  –  0448270399


Chili McGregor, Soraya Philp Rudd, Tanna Watters, Daisy Laird, Olivia Hoare, Mia Lawrence, Ally Lawrence, Aisha, Hopper, Trelise Cooper, Charlotte Paine, Keira Puckeridge, Bowie Longbottom, Jersey Kalle, Macey Guy  (NB  There is one girl who trialed whose name is not on the list – Please contact us if you trialed and do not see your name here –

Coach  Wayne Morison  0402431559  (text message preferred)

14 BOYS   (This is a squad of 18 players atm)

Lachie Young, Taj Herbert, Jackson Farland, Jack Freaney, Joshua Bender, Oliver Miles, Tyler Dolenc, Rixon Towle, Deegan Askew, Toby Hokin, Bodhi Osmond, Sam Russell, Kaleb Warn, Dayan Conti, Kane Beasley, Jye Morrison, Jye Gardner, Kynan Good

Coach  –  John Good    0430055772


Keely Beasley, Ava Ross, Demi Bennett, Chelsea Wallace, Gemma Lee, Mischa Boniface, Tori Wonson, Zali Guy, Skyla Stewart, Chloe Wallace, Jaz McTaggart, Jorja Correia-Kauter, Riley Nash, Lucy Cox, Sienna Smee, Charli Brookers.

Shadow Players  –  Mikayla Farmer, Claire Roberts, Logan Bunker

Coach  –  Lisa Wallace    0414324261

Assistant Coach  –  Rachel Kauter  –  0416326824


Jackson Stewart, Joel Murphy, Harry Middleton, Finn Egan, Liam Wonson, Jett Rorie, Saxon Ward, Kye Andrews, Taj Roberts, Nate Smith, Jess Muik, Lee Anderson, Charlie Jeffers, Callum Hodgson, Rico Ross, Jack Snelling.

Shadows  –  Sebastian Edwards, Ben Jackson, Charlie Ward, Harvey Johnson

Coach  –  Jayson Smith  –  0418425009

Manager  –  Victoria Stewart  –  0437277709


Jack Wallace, Beanden Anderson, Liam Holland, Darcy Parker, Drew Hallett, Braxton Doherty, Kyan McCallum, Max Cook, Pat Thomas, Jasper Scobie, Kyle McCarthy, Callum R, Brad D, Travis Dickson, Ryan McDonald, Wes Pring

Shadow  –  Wil Prosser

Manager  –  Lisa Wallace    0414324261


Mia Kunkler, Ella McGregor, Kalani Duncan, Hannah Moore, Sophie Smith, Jemma Taber, Olivia Foster, Olivia Willick, Tayla Killmore, Lucy Duncan, Lily Smee, Alexa Farland, Holly McGee, Piper Cowen, Ava Snelling, Kalani Wilson

Shadow Players  –  Lilly Clarke,  Claire Wilson

Coach   –  Keiron Duncan     0404204518